February 10, 2024

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

You would need a Moving Checklist? we compiled a list for you in this article. 

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Firstly, moving is stressful. The word stressful doesn't seem to describe just how stressful moving can be. This is why you need all the help to make it less stressful. This is where HaapLiving comes into the picture. 

One constant thing in life is change, which can happen in many ways, including changing locations and apartments. Regarding relocation, starting early and having a laid-out plan is best. You would need a Moving Checklist; we compiled a list for you in this article. 

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1. Set A Budget

You would need a budget that would include all moving expenses. Write out all the costs you would make when moving to your new place. And then try to have the estimate or a little above it. Doing this would mean you would have one less thing to worry about when moving.

Let Your Landlord Know

Not everyone would agree, but you need to let your landlord know that you are moving out and when you plan to. This way, they can put the house up for rent again;

it would be gutter behavior to move out from someone's house without letting them know or personally handing over their keys back to them.

Declutter Before You Move

Would moving with things you won't use at your new place make sense? No. So, don't. Organize your belongings into three groups: keep, give out, and trash. If you have any clothes or items you last used months ago, they shouldn't go into the keep group. That is how to declutter. Not going with things you think you still need.

Pack Something Everyday

This might seem unnecessary, but make sure you pack something daily. Check through and figure out the things you don't need to use every day and pack them up. You'll be surprised at how much you would pack up before you finally move with this little trick.

Clean Up Your Old Space

It hurts when a space that someone moved out from a week ago looks like no one had lived there in years. We should make it a habit to clean up our old places and not leave everything we don't need littering everywhere. Imagine the huge favor you'll be doing someone else.

Get Snacks And Easy-To-Prepare Meals

You would most likely get carried away during the move and won't have the time to cook or run out to get food. There might be better options than spending the extra money to order food. You can get healthy snacks and easy-to-prepare meals beforehand. That might come a long way from helping you not faint during a move. Think about it.

Return Your Keys

We mentioned this early, but let's reiterate how important it is. REMEMBER TO RETURN YOUR KEYS. Hand them back to your landlord when moving. It might seem a small and insignificant part to remember, but make sure you do. If you can make a reminder to do that before the d-day, that would be perfect. 

That's all we have for you for now. If you found it helpful, leave a comment. If you think we missed something important, also leave a comment. 

Also, lest we forget, congratulations on your new apartment!