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Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to all your questions and concerns about Haap as well as our Shared and Entire Homes.


What is Haap all about?


We believe that the way we live has changed but our current housing market does not quite reflect that reality.

We believe that no one needs to wait 100 days, or pay up to 3 years upfront, or have to deal with shady agents with the risk of being scammed just because they are looking for where to call home.

We believe that you should be able to visit Lagos for 9 days for half the price of a hotel but a much more humane experience than what they offer.


What type of units do you offer?

Haap offers co-living (shared) units, studios, mini flats and up to 4 bedroom homes. Whatever your options, you are sure to find value, convenience, and an instant access to our vibrant community.


Who is it for?

You. From recent graduates to freelancers; medical doctors to techies and business owners, coliving caters for your need for flexibility and access to a modern form of living - irrespective of your background, demographic, etc


What does the Rent include?

For an inclusive fee, all Haap apartments comes fully furnished with household essentials, weekly cleaning services, wifi, and more.

On average, you save around 10% of what you would if you stayed alone.


Who are my Roommates?

Haap offers excellent flatmate matching capabilities. This allows you to meet like-minded people and build meaningful relationships. Background checks are also carried out on our members.


How do I move in?

Just bring in your luggage and that’s it - literally!


What Residential Asset Type does Coliving Manage?

Haap Living manages urban multifamily apartments, or any dense units like coliving (shared) or studio apartments.


What is Haap Minimum Deal size?

Typically 20 units, although Haap Living occasionally manage smaller assets when they are part of a portfolio or programmatic relationship.


What is your commission on Listing and Sales?

We do not charge commission for listing or sales. You can also list unlimited number of properties at no charge.


Does Haap work with Ground up or existing Assets

Haap Living works with both ground-up and existing assets. For ground-up development, Haap Living can get involved during the pre-development planning phase. For existing assets, Haap Living performs due diligence on the property, and prepares a bespoke proposal for execution.


Does Haap take on Leases or Property Management Agreement

Management agreements, which include digital marketing and branding services, as well as full-stack property management. We also offer pre-development design services to advise on unit typologies, mixes, and amenities.

We take on leases if the terms are favourable.